Focus areas

Medical Research and Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of investing in medicine and medical research. We are proud to be supporting several leading medical institutions that are developing life-changing treatments for both paediatric care and mental health.

Our aim is to seek out best practices, incentivise new behaviours and innovate in medical research to yield positive results for science and patients.

Early Childhood and Development (ECD)

As parents, we know first-hand how important education is for the development of children and are saddened at the thought of any child missing out on learning. An investment in a child’s education is an investment that yields remarkable results – not only for that child but for society as a whole. That is why we are proud to work with several non-profit organisations in India focused on developing and implementing innovative ECD models – many of which complement, and supplement existing government-run programmes.

Women Empowerment through Training and Entrepreneurship

As parents to two daughters, we are dedicated to empowering women and girls through education and entrepreneurship, so that they have the financial and social freedom to make a positive difference in society. Through access to quality education and employment opportunities, we want to transform the lives of the hundreds of millions of women and girls around the world who live in poverty and who do not have the freedom to make their own decisions.

Environment and Climate Change

Climate change is a grave global issue that impacts us all – weather patterns are changing, sea levels are rising, and extreme weather events are becoming more common. We have a responsibility to protect the earth and preserve it for future generations. That is why we place environmental protection, conservation and restoration at the heart of our Foundation, and are investing in initiatives to raise awareness of climate change and encourage action to counter it